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Our hotel and restaurant complex is situated in the newer section of Tarquinia,  about 1km from the  historical city center and 5km from the seaside. 

In order to reach Tarquinia:
•From Rome:   Take the “Autostrada”  (Toll Highway) to Civitavecchia and then proceed along State Highway, Aurelia.  It is a total of about 90 km.

•From Grossetto:  Take State Highway Aurelia traveling south for about 90 km.

•From Viterbo:   There are two possibilities:   Traveling from Vetralla to Monte Romano and then Tarquinia or traveling via Tuscania.  The distance in both cases is about 45 km.

• Tarquinia Beach or LIDO is about 5km from the city center.

•The Etruscan Necropolis as well as the ancient Etruscan city, the “Civita” lie just 7 km from the city center traveling along the road towards Monte Romano. 

•By Train:  Tarquinia is connectected on the Train tract traveling between Rome and Ventimiglia and the station is just 3 km from the city center with connecting bus lines.